Liverpool Calling is calling

Extremely excited to announce that we will be supporting #LiverpoolCalling this year.

Two days of a never-ending list of awesome bands including Pulled Apart By HorsesDemob HappySœurThe Wytches HimalayasFALSE HEADSSHEAFS Broken Witt RebelsAVALANCHE PARTY, Chambers, Sweet Deals On Surgery, Exoskeletons, NAKED SIX, The Big Idea & The Old Pink House

AAAAnd even more of Merseyside’s best homegrown talents: PALE RIDER, The Racket, Psycho Comedy, SPILT, Forever In Debt, Wife, Dead Houses, Black Smoke, Jo Mary, Dead Houses, Eyesore & the Jinx, Saint and Nicola Jane, Three From Above, Nocturnal Coast and POLAR STATES

All those bands for just £20, that’s less than 50p a band!

Taking over Constellations // Brick Street // EBGBS // The Jacaranda Club // Studio2 Parr Street over two days.

Tickets available here