Nine Bar New Burger Menu!

Ninebar; a small, independent bar located in Leicester’s West End has started selling Smash-
burgers. These delicious burgers are being called “the best burgers in the city’ and taste amazingly well with a can of Pistonhead Kustom Lager and Full Amber.


The Smashburger is the classic ‘Route 66 diner’ style burger that has been a firm favourite in
America since the 1950’s. Although Ninebar keeps their actual recipe a closely guarded secret the
method is simple.

Rather than a large beef patty, which is easily susceptible to over-cooking and becoming dry, each
Ninebar Smashburger consists of 2 smaller 100% beef patties which are smashed flat on a red hot
griddle, searing the outside of the burger and locking in the juices and the flavour.
All the burgers are hand made in house and are cooked fresh to order.



Ninebar has always prided itself on value for money and their burger menu is no different. The
simplest item on the menu, the Cheeseburger costs only £4.65.
There is always a vegetarian option on the menu and most of the burgers are available gluten free.

Ninebar is also currently working on a vegan burger.
All the burgers on their menu come with a side of lightly salted tortilla chips and home made
coleslaw, which is a perfect accompaniment to the rich, beefiness of the burger.

Ninebar have ensured there is something on their menu for all tastes and are constantly testing out
new burger creations with their weekly specials.



Ninebar, the ‘Grandaddy of West End bars’ opened it’s doors in 1997 and recently celebrated it’s
21st birthday. Owners Darren Antony, Ben Hunt and Nick Shove are constantly searching for ways
to improve the experience for their customers and to ensure that Ninebar is a fun, friendly and safe
bar to visit.


“Definitely the best burgers in Leicester! Easily as good, if not better than In-n- Out or Shake

“I know your burgers are good but that blue cheese beauty was one of the best burgers I have ever
eaten. #nomnom”