Pistonhead Non-Alcoholic – FAQs

How is Pistonhead NonAlcoholic created?
Pistonhead Flat Tire NonAlcoholic is created just like its alcoholic brother Pistonhead Flat Tire. Dry hopped with Mosaic hops using a Hop Gun to get the most aroma and flavour from the hops. The alcohol is then removed using a process called vacuum distillation where the beer is put under a vacuum. The change in atmospheric pressure allows us to boil the beer at a lower temperature (42 degrees to be exact!) and distill off the alcohol. Then, and most importantly, the beer is dry hopped for a second time to give the great smelling and tasting nonalcoholic brew.
What’s so special about Mosaic hops?
Mosaic hops are some of the most complex in the hop universe. They have an extremely broad aroma profile which means they can be used in so many beer styles. Pour Pistonhead Flat Tire NonAlcoholic in a glass and breathe in the floral, grassy citrus notes and you’ll know exactly what we mean.
How can Pistonhead NonAlcoholic be nonalcoholic with 0.5% alcohol?
As we are a Swedish beer, brewed and imported from Sweden we are under EU law. EU law states that any beverage with 0.5% alcohol or less is classed as a nonalcoholic beverage. UK law states that a beverage must have less than 0.05% to be classified as nonalcoholic, this is where the confusion with our brew normally exists. However, you should not be concerned with the 0.5% alcohol content, most orange juices contain 0.5% alcohol and the malt vinegar you put on your chips contains 0.2% alcohol.
Why does Pistonhead NonAlcoholic have 0.5% alcohol?
This was a choice of brewers at Brutal Brewing, they wanted a beer that still gave a mouthfeel or texture. You will notice that most 0.0% alcohol free beers will taste watery whereas with Pistonhead NonAlcoholic you still feel like you are drinking a full strength beer.
Can I still get drunk from a beer with 0.5% alcohol content?
The short answer is no. Search the internet and you will find videos where people have tried drinking more than 28 nonalcoholic beers in an hour but all they had to show for it was an overinflated belly and lots of trips to the toilet.
Watch this idiot here.
Added benefits:
Pistonhead Flat Tire NonAlcoholic, and the rest of the Pistonhead Lager range, are suitable for vegans.
Pistonhead Flat Tire NonAlcoholic only contains 20 calories.