Pistonhead Flat Tire Non-Alcoholic Lands in Edinburgh Asda’s

Following the growing popularity of our Flat Tire Non-Alcoholic beer, Asda has now stocked us in Edinburgh stores!

About the beer

This alcohol-free beer is dry-hopped with Mosaic hops to create an American Pale Lager which means it has lovely fruity, citrus notes.

Aroma: A balanced hop floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus

Taste: A full-bodied, malty flavor balanced by a pleasant bitterness

This beer does contain 0.5% residual alcohol but don’t fear, this is as much as a glass of orange juice!

We understand Scotland has a zero tolerance on drink driving so we have done the maths. If you were to drink 4.5 cans of Pistonhead Flat Tire Non-Alcoholic in an hour you would still be 9 times lower than the drink driving limit for Scotland. Find out more about the effects of 0.5% ABV on the body here.

Love for the beer

“I can’t believe it’s not booze! 5/5′ Helen McGinn, Drinks Editor.

“The best tasting non-alcoholic beer we have tried.” Coach Magazine.

“Top ten best alcohol-free beers on the market.” Steady Drinker.


  • Asda Straiton Superstore, Pentland Rd, Loanhead EH20 9NY
  • Asda Superstore, 100 The Jewel, Brunstane, Edinburgh EH15 3AR
  • Asda Chesser Superstore, 3 New Mart Rd, Edinburgh EH14 1RJ
  • Asda Leith Superstore, 2 Sandpiper Dr, Edinburgh EH6 6NX

Please let us know if you cannot find us in these stores by messaging us on social media.


£4 x 330ml cans.